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Guarding Services
  • Assignment Manager
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Security Officers
  • Supervisors
  • Head guards
  • Guards
  • Lady Searcher
  • Armed Guards

Security Officers
The security officers are mainly from the army, of Junior Commissioned Officers' (JCOs) rank who are well experienced in the matter of security by virtue of the length of service and the various appointments held by them. Briefly, functions of security officer would be to:

  • Advice management in the formulation of security plans and programs
  • Create proper security environment to suit the facility
  • Arrange covert methods of collecting information of interest to enterprise
  • Command and administer the security force
  • Liaison with the local civil police and other law enforcement agencies
  • Ensure all security appliances/equipment on charge are in operative state
  • Develop security standing orders

They are skilled workers well trained in the art of security. Briefly, their functions are to

  • Help the security officer in discharge of his duties
  • Ensure that the guards in his shift perform their duty as per orders
  • Ensure equipment and documents in his charge are properly maintained

Head guards
Head guard is a senior guard who acts as a supervisor in the absence of the later. Otherwise his functions are similar to that of a guard.

They are mostly young people from the civil who are imparted training, required in the performance of their duty. They function strictly as per the Standing Orders or the directions given by the Security Officer/Supervisor on behalf of the management. A guard's basic job is to Protect Men and Material . This basic objective is achieved:

  • ThroughGate Control i.e. entry/ exit points and by patrolling of parameters of the enterprise.
  • By checking any unauthorized entry.
  • By observing, checking and reporting any matter that could affect the security of an enterprise

Armed guards
The armed guards are those men who have their own valid gun-licenses. They are both ex-army personnel and civilians. They are good only for psychological use, as they cannot fire in the defense of someone else other than their own defense.

Detective Services / Background Screening
We have a well trained staff at our role for carrying out routine detective jobs such as staff verifications, matrimonial relations, surveillance, trade marks etc.

House Keeping
In House Keeping we provide the following:

  • Cleaning Staff
  • Dispatchers, telephone operators, receptionist
  • peons
  • runners
  • pantry staff
  • Gardeners and
  • drivers

Electronic Security
The law enforcement agencies may not be able to provide a 24-hour security. Servel provides you, your family and your industry or commercial center with round the clock protection through electronic surveillance and enforced by the presence of security guards.

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Portable Security Cabins/Guard Rooms
The efficiency of any worker and the output of his work is directly proportionate to the working environment made available to him. The same applies to the security guards also. The preference given to a security guard would enhance his esteem, which is translated to his being alert and effective. Security cabins are especially designed keeping this important factor in mind. The security cabins would also add to the prestige and honor of the Principlal employer.