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Being fully conscious of the necessity of training at all levels to ensure quality of services and clients satisfactions at primer, it is our organization culture to pay optimum attention to our selection and training program which are designed to provide :

A. Basic training for new entrants.
B. Refresh training for personnel already in services.
C. Special job training to cater for specific employment pattern and clients requirement.
D. Our 3RD week training module for fresher’s.
E. Our Own Post Training
Growel Securitas has got Training at two (02) locations First of the Noida & IInd of the Roorkee INDIA to train its personnel as per the need of the client and this process also takes help of Retired Army/ Police personnel and Institute of Security & Safety Management Roorkee, Our personnel have been given specific training in guarding of material, information (technical know-how) and to take preventive action in the event of fire or to deal with-unwanted elements. Our security systems are so designed that the round the clock checking in terms of routine check and surprise check is carried out and feedback on the working is provided to the organization. Our security personnel are fully trained to handle security gadgets.

Our Training Center in India

 • B-153, Sector-6 Noida (U.P)
 • 55, Akash deep Enclave Delhi Haridwar Road Roorkee (U.K).


The basic training in military drill is imparted and the bearing of a raw person is perfected .He is taught to put on uniform, how to stand at 'attention' and 'at ease' and to 'salute'. The person is then acquainted with the means, active & passive, that allow the conduct of activities within the organization without disruption. The training is based on two principles viz.,Intelligence and Control.The recruits are taught about the basic security attributes such as gathering information, information,prevention of crime,detections and aesthetics.The stress is laid on the Preventive and Aesthetic part of the security. The entrants are taught to man, and exercise various controls through physical search and maintenance of gate records/registers. They are also taught to check details of the entry/exit of men and material. They are further trained to use their uniforms properly with a view to enhance the prestige of the organization they are deputed to serve.