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 Chandigarh Businessmen Trust Private Security Guards More Than Police

A latest disclosure makes it apparent that industrialists based in Chandigarh are more prone to take help from private security guards than seeking security assistance from the police. The preference of Chandigarh industrialists for private security guards is known when after an announcement by the district police that it is ready to provide security help to businessmen in the course of transactions over 2 lakh, there was no trader to respond to this offer.

Reacting on the intiative launched by police to supply private security, Vishnu Goyal, the President of Haryana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, reveals that all business leaders have kept private security guards and as the initiative by the police is comparatively new, it would be able to win over the confidence of business leaders only after a certain period of time. However, according to another industrialist, the business community has employed effective private security guards and hence there is no need of help from the police. He also makes it apparent that in certain cases, it has been discovered that policemen have also partaken in criminal activities such as looting and therefore the businessmen are not eager to take risks.

According to police sources, distrust on the police officials has prevented the industrialists from taking the help of police. A police officer states that businessmen are asked by the police to take security assistance when they opt for big transactions but they do not seem to have faith on the police.

Further Maneesh Choudhary, the Superintendent of Police states that the police have asked rich industrialists to opt for police security while they choose to take out huge amounts of money. He also reveals that some businessmen are not coming forward to take police help as they do not trust the police but some others are not inclined to take police security due to income tax related issues.

Source: Security Today, VOL 6, NO. 10, August 2010