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 Gurgaon Police Stresses On The Importance Of Trained Security Guards

A latest revelation makes it apparent that the Gurgaon police recently scheduled a meeting of security agencies working in the city to improve its security arrangement before the Commonwealth games and also to deal with issues rising over the participation of security guards in criminal activities. Emphasizing on the requirement of effective security guards in commercial establishments, S.S. Deswal, the police Commissioner of Gurgaon, states that guards who are not adequately trained are of no use in malls or other places. He also adds that before the starting of the Commonwealth Games, the verification of all guards should be completed.

Gurgaon police reveals that two burglars in private security guard uniforms were captured in CCTV images. It is not clear whether the burglars are culprits in security uniforms or the actual security guards partaking in criminal activity. Sources also reveal that Gurgaon police lately examined the security system of various commercial buildings and found out that the guards deployed in the complexes were lacking in sufficient training and knowledge of security gadgets.

Further Gurgaon police Commissioner S.S. Deswal highlights the security issue by stressing that it is essential for private security guards to avail effective training as private security guards are taking care of the security of establishments such as malls, markets, hotels and big industrial complexes. He also reveals that the shortcomings of the guards were revealed when the security review was carried out by the police.

Source: Hindustan Times